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A Failed Writer

August 28, 2007

Barbara Graham: Greedy Drunk

by Joel Phillips


Barbara Graham who also goes by the name Barb Warr and who also calls herself a chaplain is so typical of the enemies of religious freedom.

She has an extensive criminal record involving such things as drunk driving and weapons charges.

She is a known associate of imprisoned terrorist Keith Henson and Palestinian supporter Charlotte Kates.

Lately she has taken to writing her drunken ramblings down and is trying to sell them. Since she can’t find a real market she has turned to the global community of bigots and zealots. I guess they will do anything to support one of their own. They will literally line up to buy her book but they would not read Dianetics if someone walked up and gave it to them!

When Barbara is not writing she is takes aerial photos of important religious sites and posts them to the Internet. Since she is stringent in her attacks on religion I for one have to think she is suggesting target practice!



Behind the Scenes at Religious Freedom Watch

August 22, 2007

A Quick Tour of RFW
by Joel Phillips



A lot of you probably wonder what goes on. So, I thought I’d tell you.

Think of the site, as a resource. It will tell you what people are doing, usually things they would not want you to to know!

For example, say there’s a new guy at work. Look him up on the site. You might find out that he tried to lure a young girl to have sex with him! Do you want to keep working with this guy? Now you can make up your own mind. And, you’ll have a document you can take to the boss!

Another example. You go out and meet a girl. You can look her up on the site. Uh oh, seems she’s up to some shady stuff! You can just move along now and save yourself the trouble you would of had!

But, how do we do it? How do we keep RFW up and running?

Well the financing is easy. It comes straight out of the profits of American Coast Title. That’s my company, I own it with Frank Berriz and Linda Blood. You would not find greater people anywhere except maybe the employees! We got plenty of legal advice on this and made a presentation to our underwriters at Stewart Title.

The backbone of the site is the investigators. We have a team in America and a team in Europe. Sometimes they travel back and forth. These people have years of training and have served in very high positions. They make it their life’s work to identify bigots, zealots, extremists, perverts and terrorists. You will see the fruits of their work on the site. Everything is checked and documented. You won’t just find a lot of hair brained yelling and screaming. You’re going to find photographs, interviews, court papers, in a word, PROOF that what you’re reading is true.

In Glendale I keep a staff of internet researchers. They scan the world wide web for clues and other things. If one of these people makes a bomb threat or something, the RFW investigative hot line rings and we get to work. Sometimes we’ll have a full story up on the site before those people at CNN are even out of bed!

Glendale is also the nerve center for the site. We have round the clock webmasters. If there’s a story to tell, they put it up. And, ever since the Indonesians thought they could be cute, we keep a security watch on things as well. It is bad enough that we’re under attack twenty four by seven, but we happen to think that a clever hacker could come along and change a few words on the site here and there. Imagine that some pederast gets a clean report from our site, and then he gets a job giving tours with children. Or, imagine a renegade bomber and fugitive being allowed to buy special chemicals. We keep that from happening!

The value of the site speaks for itself. Hardly a day goes by that an airline or some other major industry does not take a minute to thank us. We have given airlines clues that let them keep the next wave of jihad sleeper cell suicide bombers off planes. A guy at an oil company told us he found out a guy who was planning a terror attack. I just could not keep track of the numbers of companies that use us to do employee screening. For example, a school was shocked when they found out that an applicant for a teaching job had a documented history of sexual deviancy!

But here’s the thing. The site IS accurate. If you find an inaccuracy, bring it to my attention. You can contact me through the site, or now, through this blog. Just tell me which fact you are disputing. I will have it double checked and if we got it wrong the entry on the RFW site will be corrected. It is just as simple as that!