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A Failed Writer

August 28, 2007

Barbara Graham: Greedy Drunk

by Joel Phillips


Barbara Graham who also goes by the name Barb Warr and who also calls herself a chaplain is so typical of the enemies of religious freedom.

She has an extensive criminal record involving such things as drunk driving and weapons charges.

She is a known associate of imprisoned terrorist Keith Henson and Palestinian supporter Charlotte Kates.

Lately she has taken to writing her drunken ramblings down and is trying to sell them. Since she can’t find a real market she has turned to the global community of bigots and zealots. I guess they will do anything to support one of their own. They will literally line up to buy her book but they would not read Dianetics if someone walked up and gave it to them!

When Barbara is not writing she is takes aerial photos of important religious sites and posts them to the Internet. Since she is stringent in her attacks on religion I for one have to think she is suggesting target practice!