Standing Tall Against the Stalinist Wizards from Outer Space!

August 29, 2007

Scientology teaches that man comes from space and so do his many enemies. Businessman Joel Phillips and remote viewing pioneer Ingo Swann talk about their efforts to defend Earth from terrorists, zealots, bigots and extremists.

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7 Responses to “Standing Tall Against the Stalinist Wizards from Outer Space!”

  1. Paul Horner Says:

    Check out the real religious freedom watch website and learn the real truths of Scientology.

    Joel Phillips is the ‘Church’ of Scientology. Don’t be fooled!

    Learn about Xenu in OT3 at!

  2. xenu Says:

    hahha you fail at blogging

  3. Lord Xenu Says:

    Lord Xenu is very Happy.

  4. inchdeep Says:

    Bubble bees fly because God says so. Scientology is a lie also because God says so. You believe in Scientology because your tinfoil hat has a hole in it.

  5. is a hate site owned and operated by the cult of Scientology. If you want to see the real religious freedom watch you can view it here:

  6. I have read the crap you write, Joel. I would recommend you get a grip on reality. Scientology is the HATE group that attacks and stalks ex-members that speak out, attacks and imprisons and murders (Lisa McPherson) members that want to leave. Scientology calls for violence against psychiatrist. Scientology declared “WAR” on the IRS. Scientology abuses children and addicts for profit. Scientology tears families apart. So why don’t you go R2-45 yourself like Rex Fowler did and save us from reading your pathetic dribble about those who try and stop your abusive scam called Scientology.

    And stop whining. It is very down tone.

  7. Sue Says:


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